Opening Hours

Our normal opening hours are 10am-12pm and 5-6pm every day except Sunday. On Sundays, we are only open from 10am-12pm; we do not open in the evening.

Other times may be available by appointment; please contact us well ahead of time if you require arrival or departure outside of our regular opening hours and we will accommodate you if we can.

We are usually closed for arrivals & departures Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.


Prices include insurance, cold weather heating, litter, beds and bedding and “regular” foods, such as Whiskas, Sheba, Felix or Go-Cat; if your cat has a special diet or requires food that we do not normally stock, we ask that you bring a supply. Please contact us if you are unsure whether you need to bring food for your cat’s stay.

We don’t charge extra for administering medication, including diabetic medication, and managing any special dietary needs.

We also offer a collection or drop-off service. This costs £10 per trip within 10 miles of the cattery, or £20 per trip within 10-20 miles. Longer distances can be arranged with suitable notice.

Please call us on 01246 822487, use the online booking form or email us at to make a booking.

Boarding prices 2024
Cats Price Pens Available
1 £12.00 34
2 £18.00 34
3 £23.00 28
4 £27.00 8
  • All prices are per day or any part of a day
  • Prices include insurance, heating, litter, beds and bedding and “regular” foods.
  • Facilities for up to 8 cats can be arranged.
  • Long term boarding available, please contact us for details.
  • All cats sharing a pen must be from the same household.


We accept cash, debit/credit card, and BACS payments. Invoices are sent 7 days before the start of a booking. Once an invoice is issued, it should be settled on or before arrival; all payment details are on the invoice.

While we do not currently ask for a deposit, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit or payment in full at the time of booking during busy periods, especially school holidays and bank holidays.

Any cancellations made within 7 days of the start of the booking are non-refundable unless we can re-book the space.

There is a minimum booking of 3 days (£36.00 for a single cat, £54.00 for two cats).

Please call us on 01246 822487, use the online booking form or email us at to make a booking