Coronavirus was a major issue for everyone, but especially for those with small businesses. While it (hopefully) no longer poses a serious problem, below you can find the precautions that we were taking throughout the pandemic. Should a similar situation occur in the future, we will re-adopt these precautions.

Coronavirus 2020-21

To reduce the risk of exposure for everyone we will be maintaining covid best practices.

Cats arriving for boarding

When you arrive, please telephone us on 01246 822487 and we will come out to meet you.

If you would like to take your cat to their pen with us that is fine but to maintain social distancing, we will take them inside the pen.

Boarding should be paid for in advance by credit/debit card or direct bank transfer. We will send an invoice with payment details prior to arrival. If you would prefer to pay by cash on the day, please bring the correct amount in a sealed envelope.

Cats going home

When you arrive please telephone us on 01246 822487 and we will collect your cat(s) for you and bring them to you.

If you have any flu-like symptoms, or any symptoms relating to the coronavirus (as described on the NHS website) or if you are self-isolating, we ask that you do not come to the cattery before talking to us. Please call/message us to discuss the next steps.


We would ask that once you know your travel plans are changing please tell us. If deposits have been received, we will either refund them or apply them to future bookings as you wish. We will not be charging for cancellations during this time.

General Safety

Risk Assessment

We have undertaken a full risk assessment and received the Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment Certificate from Bolsover District Council shown below.