We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the cattery and how we make your cat’s stay with us a wonderful and stress free experience. Please call us on 01246 822487 or email us at admin@almoracattery.com.

Q: Do cats have to be vaccinated?

A: Cats must have an up to date vaccination and you should bring the record of vaccination with you when you drop off your cat.

Q: Are the pens heated?

A: All pens have an indoor area where the cats can sleep and rest. These are fully insulated and have a thermostatically controlled heater to keep the area warm. In addition each cat has their own bed with a heat pad in cold weather.

Q: Can you collect and return my cat?

A: We provide a collection service for £10 within a 10 mile area of the cattery, or £20 within 10-20 miles. Further distances can be arranged with suitable notice.

Q: What happens if I get delayed and can’t pick up my cat on the day we arranged?

A: We always maintain a spare pen in case of emergencies and will always help. We will simply extend your booking as necessary and request any additional payment on your return.