Butterfly on heather

Butterflies and Heather

Oct. 16, 2016 by

On a rainy Sunday morning in Autumn it’s nice to remember the butterflies we had in the garden over the summer.

Ice crystals caught in the flowers of a tree

Snow and ice in May

May. 10, 2016 by

Well it might be nearly summer but we’ve still had fair amount of snow and ice in May. I love this photo of ice crystals caught in the flowers on one of the trees.

A snowy start to the day

Snowy start to the day

Mar. 3, 2016 by

Well I wasn’t expecting snow today – guess the grass cutting will have to wait a bit longer.

Sunrise over Almora

Lovely sunrise

Feb. 29, 2016 by

Cold first thing this morning but a lovely sunrise to go with it.

Rainbow over Almora


Jan. 30, 2016 by

It’s been a bit windy up here over the last few days but it’s always good to see a rainbow. Just as well the cats are all down the hill and sheltered from the weather.